Ship’s dog ‘Inky’

Inky, the amphibious dog.

Inky belonged to Lt (jg) Paul Rork, who was the ship’s 1st Lieutenant. Lt. Rork bought Inky in California before the ship sailed for Hawaii. Inky later achieved some measure of fame because of her habit of eating cigarette butts.

As Lt. Rork tells it: “… Not the crew, but the army or the marines that were aboard, would smoke and throw their butts over the side, but didn’t know the lee side from the windward side, and the butts would fly back on the deck and Inky would come over to a butt and sniff it. It would burn her nose. She would knock off the ash and eat the cigarette, literally eat it. And she did this for over two and a half years.”

“When she had her puppies, and when we brought them home, the veterinarian called me over, and he said, “You have to tell me the history of this dog.” I said, “What’s wrong?” He said, “There’s not a worm in any puppy.” … He said, “Tell me what she did.” I said, “Well, she was famous for eating cigarettes.” “Awww,” he said, “You know what a worm capsule is made out of? What kills the worms? Nicotine!” He said, “I have to write this up for the Cornell Veterinary Journal.” . . . which he did.

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