Avoid electronic intercepts by using good old-fashioned typewriters

Of course, we’ll have to destroy the typewriter ribbons.

(Yes… I’m that old.)

Good old typewriters to save Russia from global US spying

A Russian secret service that guards the country’s high-flyers, including President Putin, will be reequipped with classic typewriters to protect its communications from any foreign snooping programs.

The Federal Protective Service (FSO) has recently become concerned about the security of Russia’s topmost officials after it emerged that US intelligence agencies were eavesdropping on Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at the G20 summit in London, as well as made a habit of combing through the troves of phone records, e-mails and other data that pile up on the Internet.

Now the FSO has announced it is going to procure a score of classic old typewriters, such as German-made Triumph Adler Twen 180s, to keep its secrets well out of NSA’s reach.

Russia’s Izvestia daily has talked to informed sources in Russia’s Defense Ministry and intelligence services, who confirmed that time-tested typewriters were still a commonplace sight in their offices.

An order for 20 typewriters has meanwhile been lodged with a special procurement department. The FSO said it planned to type classified documents in order to avoid any sensitive leaks.

For instance, Triumph Adler Twen 180 typewriters, which also stand on FSO’s to-buy list, were popular in the late ’80s and early ’90s and have proven their worth in making highly-structured documents.

Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden last month admitted leaking documents about America’s global surveillance programs, such as Prism, creating a massive public uproar globally. Europeans have been particularly indignant over the news that the US had bugged EU offices and targeted Germany for electronic spying.

Voice of Russia, Mail.ru


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