In the event of war: How would the US attack Syria?

The Intell Blog

The US is preparing for a possible missile strike on Syria, and a massive naval build up has begun in the area. How would the US begin its attack on that country? There is only one possible way: by sea.

From War is Boring:

This Is How America Could Bombard Syria by Sea: Subs, ships, missiles & drones could lead the campaign

By David Axe

“Smart cruise missiles blast into the air from secret, high-tech submarines submerged beneath the Mediterranean. Destroyers lob more of the multimillion-dollar robot missiles in another wave of attacks—all under the watchful gaze of ship-launched drones. Meanwhile nuclear-powered aircraft carriers take position to launch jet fighters laden with smart munitions of their own.

If the U.S. goes to war with Syria—one option reportedly on the table in the wake of alleged chemical attacks by Syrian Pres. Bashar Al Assad’s troops that claimed as many as…

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