A quiet day of reflection

Quiet day yesterday. Somewhat in shock re: the shootings/murders at Washington Navy Yard. It was a day to turn off the TV and (after a burst of “WTF?” incredulity) abandon social media. Turns out the same media “experts” on Syria from last week are now equally “experts” on DC, the US Navy, gun control and criminal pathology. Congratulations, man in a shiny suit behind a desk, you have access to Wikipedia and Google. Your job in news media is secure. So I turned off that nonsense and just decided to spend the rest of the day quietly, thinking those families that have lost members, reflecting on the insanity of it all. Everyone will move forward. That’s the fundamental beauty of humanity. So I’m going to drink a pot of coffee, read a couple of books that have nothing to do with anything important, spend a day of detached calm, then get on with it. Pray for ’em. Send a donation. Have a think. But don’t embrace anger.

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