British naval losses on 28 May 1940 during Operation Dynamo

M/S trawler HMT Thomas Bartlett (T/Skipper J. Thomlinson RNR) mined and sunk off Calais.

A/S trawler HMT Thuringia (Chief Skipper D. Simpson RNR) mined and sunk in the Channel.

Passenger ferry MV Queen of the Channel bombed and sunk by German aircraft.

Coastal steamer SS Abukir (Capt R. Morris-Woolfenden) torpedoed and sunk by German E-boat S.34 (OLt.z.S Obermaier) which then stopped to machine gun survivors in the water.

M/S paddle steamer HMS Brighton Belle carrying ~800 evacuated troops struck a submerged wreck off North Sand Head and sunk. Survivors rescued by the Medway Queen.

HMS Brighton Belle, clipping from Daily Mirror story on Dunkirk published 5 June 1940.

HMS Mackay one of the destroyers ordered to Dunkirk on 28 May 1940

HMS Mackay, one of the destroyers Capt Tennant (SNO Dunkirk) orders into Dunkirk harbour on 28 May 1940 to evacuate men of the British Expeditionary Force.


HMS Wolfhound carried Capt. W. G. Tennant to Dunkirk on 27 May 1940

Admiralty W-class destroyer HMS Wolfhound carried Captain William Tennant, RN and a naval party of twelve officers and 150 ratings to Dunkirk on 27 May 1940 to supervise the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force from France during Operation Dynamo.


Dunkirk evacuation, 27 May 1940

“Operation Dynamo is to commence.” – Admiralty signal, 26 May 1940

Evacuated from beaches: Nil

Evacuated Dunkirk harbour: 7,669

Accumulated total: 7,669

Source: Thompson, Julian. Dunkirk: Retreat to Victory. New York: Arcade, 2011.