Could the RAF resume the nuclear deterrent as a cheaper alternative to Trident?

Short answer: No.

You can’t cram the naval genie back into an air force bottle.

Defence of the Realm

RAF Trident nuclear Typhoon

The population at large may not know it or at least realise it but for over forty years the threat of direct military action against the United Kingdom has been curtailed by the force of Royal Navy ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs). Conventional thinking dictates that the Royal Navy’s fleet of SSBNs are small in number compared to either the United States or the Soviet Union but when one looks at just how much firepower one of these submarine has at its disposal things get put in to perspective. In simple terms the Trident missile equipped Vanguard-class submarines have more firepower at their disposal than the entire Western Allies had against Germany throughout World War II but even more worryingly for a potential aggressor the submarines are extremely difficult to detect. This means that if any one nation launched a surprise attack on the United Kingdom they would be guaranteed to…

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