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David Bober was born in a military hospital (most likely for tax reasons) and raised on a steady diet of Victor comics and Radio 4. Considered from an early age to be too clever by half, recent advances in psychological testing have proven that David is only too clever by 48% (sadly, none of which is tax deductible). He writes this blog from Absurdistan, USA where he has lived (and paid taxes) for what seems like more than a decade, and, on reflection, probably is. He still dreams in English, not American, and clings desperately to his accent (which is untaxed). David discontinued shaving in 2013 and his wife has not yet forced him at gunpoint to remove the unruly full set (6% MD sales tax on ammunition and razor blades). He is the author of 288 unpublished novels, all of which are truly awful, and is content to work for statutory minimum wage (thus ensuring a healthy tax refund each April).

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