‘Dunkirk’ 1958 b&w film starring John Mills, Richard Attenborough, Bernard Lee

It’s entirely possible that Youtube will delete the video for copyright, so watch it while you have the chance.


VIDEO: The Gift Horse (1951)

Fictionalized account of HMS Campbeltown and the St Nazaire Raid. The names, including the ship, have been changed as poetic licence.

Single-Handed a.k.a. Sailor of the King (1953)

Whoever uploaded this to YouTube claims 1952, but it’s definitely a 1953 flick.

The fil-um moves CS Forester’s story from the First World War to the Second World War and we have Hollywood’s Jeffrey Hunter as a Canadian.

But it’s a cracking piece of cinema from Roy Boulting. Incredible battle sequence from 25-minutes onward. Bernard Lee, Victor Maddern and Sam Kydd play their character roles with the humour and sangfroid expected from a black-and-white British war film. Well worth watching before YouTube delete it.