British naval losses #OTD 29 May 1940 during Operation Dynamo

Passenger vessel MV Mona’s Queen (Capt A. Holkham) struck a mine outside Dunkirk harbour and sunk in two minutes.

MV Mona’s Queen struck by mine off Dunkirk.

Admiralty W-class destroyer HMS Wakeful torpedoed & sunk by E-boat S.30 off Dunkirk. Survivors rescued by destroyer HMS Grafton (sunk later that day), minesweepers HMS Gossamer and HMS Lydd, and Admiralty drifter HMT Comfort (also sunk).

G-class destroyer HMS Grafton (Cdr C. Robinson, RN) torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-62 off Nieuwpoort, Belgium.

Admiralty drifter HMT Comfort rammed and sunk by HMS Lydd who mistook the drifter for a German E-boat.

Passenger vessel SS Clan MacAlister bombed and sunk off Dunkirk. Crew and embarked troops taken off by HMS Malcolm and HMT Pangbourne.

Auxiliary minesweeper HMS Gracie Fields carrying 750 troops bombed off La Panne beach. Survivors rescued by HMT Pangbourne and Dutch skoots Twente and Jutland.

Auxiliary paddle minesweeper HMS Waverley bombed and sunk by German aircraft off Dunkirk.

M/S trawler HMT Calvi bombed and sunk off Dunkirk. Survivors rescued by HMT John Cattling.

G-class destroyer HMS Grenade (Cdr R. Boyle, RN) bombed by German aircraft while embarking troops. Towed from harbour and sunk.

M/S trawler HMT Polly Johnson bombed and sunk by German aircraft off Dunkirk.

Auxiliary minesweeper HMS Crested Eagle bombed and sunk off Dunkirk. Survivors rescued by HMT Pangbourne.

Wreck of Crested Eagle Auxiliary minesweeper HMS Crested Eagle, photo by Paul Reed 2010.

French passenger vessel SS Normannia bombed in the Dunkirk harbour channel by German aircraft. Towed clear of the channel by Royal Navy gunboat HMS Mosquito, Nomannia‘s crew and her embarked troops were taken off by minesweeper HMS Ross.

French minesweeper FS Joseph Marie bombed and sunk at Dunkirk.