British naval losses at Dunkirk, 1 June 1940

Another day of heavy British and French losses off the port of Dunkirk and the beaches at Bray-Dunes and La Panne. Losses were due to air attack (particularly Ju-87 Stuka dive bombers), torpedo-carrying E-boats, and German army artillery sited as shore batteries.

HMS Keith (Capt E. Berthon, RN) came under sustained German air attack off La Panne. Badly damaged and with her steering disabled, Keith fought on until her ammunition was expended. A German bomb entered No. 2 boiler room and started internal fires. The order to abandon ship was given and survivors were taken off by HMS Salamander, HMS Abbs, and the “little ships.”

HMS Havant (Lt Cdr A. Burnell-Nugent, RN) carrying 500+ troops received 3 direct hits from German aircraft. The record notes: “some survivors were machine-gunned” while in the water.

HMS Havant off Dunkirk. Painting by Rex Phillips.

HMS Basilisk (Cdr M. Richmond, RN) bombed and heavily damaged by Ju-87 Stuka dive bombers. Survivors taken off by HMS Whitehall. Basilisk was scuttled by gunfire from Whitehall.

HMS Skipjack (Lr Cdr F. Proudfoot, RN) sunk by 5 direct hits from German aircraft. Skipjack had 275 evacuated troops onboard, most of whom were lost during the attack and sinking.

French Adroit-class destroyer ‘Foudroyant’ bombed & sunk by German aircraft. 137 crew and 83 soldiers rescued.

HMS Mosquito (Lt H. Gardiner, RN) bombed & sunk by German aircraft.

French auxiliary minesweeper ‘Denis Papin’ bombed and sunk by Ju-87 dive bombers.

French auxiliary minesweeper ‘La Mousaillon’ bombed & sunk by Ju-87 dive bombers.

Passenger ship SS Scotia carrying 2500 French troops sunk by German aircraft. Over 300 lost. Survivors rescued by destroyer HMS Esk and “little ships.”

HMT Argyllshire (Lt S/Lt J. Weddle, RNR) torpedoed and sunk by German E-boat S.34.

HMT Stella Dorado
(Skr W. Burgess, RNR) torpedoed & sunk by German E-boat S.34 with loss of all hands.

HMT Lord Cavan (Cdr A. Cubison, Rtd) sunk by German artillery.

HMS St Abbs
, carrying 120+ survivors from HMS Keith, sunk by German aircraft.

HMS St Fagan (Lt Cdr G. Warren, RN) bombed and sunk by German aircraft.