The loss of HMS Victoria, 22 June 1893

The loss of Royal Navy battleship HMS Victoria “on this day in history” 22 June 1893 following collision with HMS Camperdown.

Oil on canvas by A. R. D. Ligmore.

Ligmore, A. R. D.; 'HMS Victoria' off Tripoli, Lebanon, 22 June 1896

Victoria’s wreck lays off Tripoli, Lebanon.

Victoria sank in just 13-minutes, slipping into the water bow first.The men in the engine room never received orders to abandon ship and went down with her. Other men in the water were sucked down with the ship. Of her ship’s company, 357 were rescued and 358 lost.


Italy sends destroyer to coast of Lebanon… {cough} Syria {cough}

Crafty! Claiming it’s a UNIFIL MTF deployment when clearly its all about Syria and nothing else. The UN itself blows a hole in the Italian story – only listing Bangladeshi, Brazilian, German, Greek, Indonesian and Turkish ships assigned to the MTF. Oh well… whatever fools the Italian public for however long it fools the Italian public.

ITS Andrea Doria (D553) is a Horizon-class destroyer commissioned into the Marina Militare in 2007. Primarily equipped for air-defense, she would prove useful in the ballistic missile defence rôle, though of limited use in the strike rôle. European navies lack of cruise missile launch capability is coming home to roost.

Italy sends destroyer to Lebanese coast

Italy sent a destroyer to the Lebanese coast within the scope of UNIFIL to protect its military personnel against any developments in the case of possible intervention in Syria.

Italy sent a destroyer to the Lebanese coast within the scope of the United Nation Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) to protect its military personnel against any developments in the case of a possible intervention in Syria.

Speaking on ‘SKY TG 24’ tv channel, Luigi Binelli-Mantelli, Chief of General Staff stated that one ship had departed to protect for more than a thousand Italian soldiers along the east Mediterranean Sea.

The Andrea Doria destroyer would be sent with 1 helicopter and 195 military personnel as well as the Maestrale frigate, according to the information Italian press received from the Ministry of Defense on Wednesday,

However, Binelli-Mantelli stressed only “one ship” would be sent.

1,100 Italian soldiers work within UNIFIL.

UNIFIL Maritime Task Force scheduled changes 11 July 2013

On 11 July 2013, the Brazilian frigate BNS União (F45) will take over from BNS Constituição (F42) as Brazil’s contribution to the UNIFIL Maritime Task Force.

União and Constituição are both Niterói-class frigates built to the Vosper Thornycroft Mk 10 design.

Constituição was built for the Marinha do Brazil at the Thornycroft yard in Woolton, Hants. (now Babcock Marine) and completed in 1978.

União was built under licence at Arsenal de Marinha do Rio de Janeiro and completed in 1980.

The UNIFIL Maritime Task Force has been deployed in the Mediterranean since October 2006 within the mandate of United Nations Security Council resolution 1701 (2006). The task force the Lebanese Navy in monitoring its territorial waters, securing the Lebanese coastline and preventing the unauthorized entry of arms or related material by sea into Lebanon.