Doctor Who and the Royal Navy… what’s the connection?

What with all the hoopla surrounding the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, it left me pondering what connections the Time Lord has to the Royal Navy.

  • Harry Sullivan, companion of the Fourth Doctor (7 stories, 26 espidoes), played by actor Ian Marter, is introduced as a Surgeon-Lieutenant seconded to UNIT from the Royal Navy. His photograph appears in the ‘Death of the Doctor’ episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures we learn that Harry continued his medical carrier and saved thousands of lives with vaccines that he developed.

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Ship’s dog ‘Bruce’ escaped through Japanese lines with crew of MTB 11

MTB 11 (Lt. C.J. Collingwood, RN) was scuttled at Hong Kong on 26 December, 1941 to prevent capture by the Japanese. The ship’s dog, Bruce, accompanied the escape party through Japanese lines and on a 1,380-mile (2,221-km) trek to safety. Now that is a heck of a dog.

Ship’s dog ‘Bruce’ with Sub-Lieutenant David Legge on MTB 11. (via

Ship’s dog ‘Bruce’ with Lt. Collingwood and escape party at Kukong, China. (via

OTDIH 20th July 1943

On this day in history…

HM Submarines continued their run of luck in the Mediterranean…

HMS Safari (P221), Lt. R.B. Lakin, DSO, DSC, RN commanding, sunk the Italian vessel F50/Silvo Onorato (208 GRT) between Basita and Maddalena.

A couple of near misses…

Soviet Shchuka-class submarine ShCh-403 made a torpedo attack on a German convoy off Kongsfjord. Four torpedoes were fired against a target identified as a 6000 GRT merchant… and all four torpedoes missed.

USS Pompano (SS-181), Lt. Cdr. W. M. Thomas commanding, torpedoed and damaged the Japanese transport ship Uyo Maru (6376 GRT) east of Honshu, Japan.

Allied ship commissionings…

The Bouge-class escort carrier USS Baffins (CVE-35) was commissioned into Royal Navy service as HMS Ameer (D01), Capt. Gerald Douglas Yates, RN commanding.

USS Scott (DE 214) a Buckley-class destroyer escort was commissioned into the United States Navy, Lt.Cdr. Claude Siceluff Kirkpatrick, USN commanding.

USS Burke (DE 215) a Buckley-class destroyer escort was commissioned into the United States Navy, Lt.Cdr. Edwin K. Winn, USNR commanding.

And unfortunately…

USS PT-106, an US Navy Elco 80’ motor torpedo boat, was mistakenly sunk by USAAF B-25s in Ferguson Passage, Solomon Islands in position 08º15’S, 156º53’E.