“On this day in history” HMS Zubian placed in commission, 1917

On this day in history 7 June 1917, the Royal Navy Tribal-class destroyer HMS Zubian was placed in commission.

Zubian was constructed at Chatham from the forward end of HMS Zulu (damaged by mine in November 1916) and the rear and mid sections of HMS Nubian (damaged by torpedo in October 1916). The name “Zubian” is a portmanteau of Zulu and Nubian.


“On this day in history” German submarines at sea during the Battle of the Atlantic

German submarines at sea on this day 7 June during the Battle of the Atlantic:
1940 16
1941 30
1942 71
1943 82
1944 95
1945 2

The two U-Boats still at sea on 7 June 1945, 30-days after VE Day, were U-530 (Oblt. Otto Wermuth) and U-977 (Oblt. Heinz Schaeffer). Both submarines were heading for Argentina.


New project for the New Year: US Navy archive movies

A new project for 2016. I’ll be uploading US Navy documentary and training films from the archives to YouTube. I’ve created a new YouTube channel for this, US Navy Movies, which will keep the content separate from my Royal Navy channel.

Here are a few samples.

Royal Navy battleship HMS Formidable sunk by German U-boat on 1 January 1915

HMS Formidable named and launched at Portsmouth 1898. The battleship served in the Royal Navy until 1915 when she was torpedoed and sunk by the German U-boat U.24 in the English Channel. Print in collection of National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.

Casualty and survivor lists courtesy of the incomparable naval-history.net.