Navy: Most sailors aren’t receiving mandatory anti-prostitution training

Traffick Alerts

By Mark D. Faram

In 2005, a change in military law made it illegal for anyone in the military to patronize a prostitute — even where such businesses are legal.

Under those rules, sailors found guilty of the offense can get a dishonorable discharge, be forced to forfeit all pay and allowances and spend up to a year in jail. The Navy says it’s a serious offense with tough consequences and has mandatory training on the issue — training that less than half the fleet is getting.

The Defense Department requires 85 percent of those in the service to complete Combating Trafficking in Persons training, in place since 2010. The Navy says it’s mandatory for everyone. But when officials pulled the string early this year, they found only 43 percent had met the requirement.

Trafficking in humans involves about 2.5 million people worldwide being forced into various types of labor…

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