Photo: Boston Navy Yard, April 1960

Aerial photograph of Boston Navy Yard taken 1st April 1960.

Boston Navy Yard, 1st April 1960.

Ships in this photo:
Pier 11 – USS Wasp (CVS-18) Essex-class aircraft carrier
Dry Dock 5 – ARD-16 floating dry dock
Dry Dock 5 – YFND-23 dry dock companion craft, in ARD-16
Pier 10 – empty
Pier 9E – USS Macon (CA-132) Baltimore-class heavy cruiser
Pier 9E – YD-196 floating crane
Pier 9W – USS Hugh Purvis (DD-709) Allen M. Sumner-class destroyer
Pier 8E – USS Thor (ARC-4) Aeolus-class cable repair ship
Pier 8E – YPD-24 floating pile driver
Pier 7E – USS Springfield (CLG-7) Cleveland-class light cruiser
Pier 7W – empty
Pier 6E – USS Perry (DD-844) Gearing-class destroyer
Pier 6W – USS Mitscher (DL-2) Mitcher-class destroyer leader
Pier 5E – USS Albany (CG-10) Albany-class guided missile cruiser
Pier 5W – USS Yosemite (AD-19) Dixie-class destroyer tender
Pier 4E – empty
Pier 4W USS Skywatcher (AGR-3) Guardian-class radar picket ship

Is this the oldest frigate still in commission?

A possible candidate for the oldest frigate still in commission.

HMS Llandaff (F61), a Salisbury-class (Type 61) radar picket frigate, was laid down at Hawthorn Leslie on 27 August 1953. Launched in 1955, she was accepted into service and commissioned into the Royal Navy on 11 April 1958.

HMS Llandafff (F61) Photo: Geoff Pollard

Paid off from the RN after 18-years service, Llandaff was transferred to the Bangladeshi Navy on 10 December 1976 as BNS Umar Farooq (F16.

Do you see what they did there? Just reversed the pennant number.

She is currently assigned to 7th Frigate Squadron based at Chittagong where she remains in active commission assigned to patrol and training duty.

BNS Umar Farooq (F16)

So is this the oldest frigate still in commission? If not, I’d welcome suggestions as to what is.