A Whiskey on the Rocks

On this day in history…

On 27 October 1981, the Soviet Whiskey-class submarine S-363 (a.k.a. U 137) struck an underwater rock in Swedish territorial waters, 2km (1.07 nautical miles) from the Swedish naval base at Karlskrona.

Soviet submarine S-363 (U 137).

The boat was stuck on the rocks for 10-days during a tense standoff that saw the Soviet Navy dispatch a flotilla of destroyers and frigates to the Swedish coast, and the Swedish armed forces scrambling aircraft, patrol boats and coastal artillery.

Soviet submarine S-363 (U 137).

The S-363 was finally hauled off the rocks on 5 November and towed out to international waters where it was returned to the Soviets.

Commemorative plaque at the location of the S-363 grounding in Sweden.

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